Pressing Forward Inc was formed in 2005 to respond to the needs of homeless women in the Hennepin County area. In most cases women/families will find themselves homeless and unemployed. There is a great community need to assist these women in developing employable and life skills to decrease this repeated cycle. Pressing forward is an option for these women to utilize and develop these skills to achieve self-sufficiency and independence.




An individual with an Unhealthy history has a greater chance of becoming successful and a vested citizen in their community if supportive services are established prior to their departure from the short-term housing.  Pressing Forward Inc. will provide a safe stable and long-term housing independent living skills workshops to allow women to address issues of housing, employment, education and patterns of behavior that lead to their situations,  Addressing these issues will decrease the chance of discrimination in the greater society.



Every woman has the right to be treated as a human being and treated with respect.


  • Every woman has the right to physical safety.

  • Every woman has the right to clothing, food, and shelter.

  • Every woman has the right to be heard.

  • Every woman has the right to their own vision and goals.

  • Every woman has the right to their own education.

  • Every woman has the right to be a believer, achiever to succeed.

  • Every woman has the right to be loved.










Mission Statement


To enhance self-esteem and self-resiliency by providing independent living skills, employment, and housing services to battered adult women.




Women who are typically disenfranchised from society due to criminal and unhealthy behavior will be given the opportunity to volunteer in the community, learn independent living skills, develop employable skills, and participate in job shadowing opportunities.


Pressing Forward has collaborated with the MN Correctional Facility/Women’s Workhouse RRC, waste side and also Home Free. Pressing Forward has also provided a life skills program that meets every Thursday. The Program allows the women to discuss self-esteem building spiritual guidance and ways to cope with addiction prevention. Pressing Forward has also established integrated multi-disciplinary actions to help them be successful while they reside at Pressing Forward transitional home.



The focal area in which Pressing Forward will provide services will be in the county of Hennepin, in the state of Minnesota.  Brooklyn Park has also agreed to allow Pressing Forward to expand if needed. The start date of Pressing Forward was August 1, 2005.  The staff has solely depended on volunteers and GRH Funding.



During the course of the upcoming years, the program has impacted the lives of over a 1,000 single adult women.  This is an ongoing program and the expectation is that there will be future funding to secure the support of the program for years to come. 


Pressing Forward Inc. will continue to partner with other shelters to try and help prevent this ongoing trend of family issues.